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2013 2016 2017 20th anniversary liberal arts celebration activities anatomy andalusia anna whiteside art therapy arts and sciences arts sciences associate dean john harrison atkinson atkinson hall barnes and noble basketball camp bell hall bid day biology blackbox theatre bobcat bobcat card office bobcat marketplace bobcat statue bone house bookstore cain garrett call me mister campus beauty campus beauty. campus theatre career career center career fair cat crew cat in the hat cats centennial center center chemistry clock tower college of arts and sciences college of arts science college of arts sciences college of education commencement community community engagement community involvement community outreach convocation darby bagwell daybreak department of art department of criminal justice department of english and rhetoric department of music department of theatre department of theatre and dance desk dillon johnstone donna mcnair dorothy leland downtown dr. ashok hegde dr. bachoon dr. busch dr. dana gorzelanymostak dr. dorman dr. joanne previts dr. kristin english dr. nathan lord dr. rosalie richards dr. veronica womack emily gomez engage ennis hall ensembles fair farmer's market finalists foundation hall fountain front campus gallery gc 360 gc athletics gc1y georgia academy for the blind georgia film academy government and sociology graduation great ideas honor program greek life hall health sciences health trails heath mcfadden help herty hall historical marker holiday concert homecoming ina dillard russell library innovation innovation station international center international day intramural sports jason carter jazz jazz ensemble jessica mcquain kevin morris kilpatrick lab language lanier lanier hall larkin morris laura ahrens laura pappas library library fair life lt. governor casey cagle madeline capo magnolia ballroom main campus make a wish margaret harvin wilson writing award maria bermudez mary plauche mass comm mass communication mathematics max noah recital hall michael ziegler molly lawson move in day msu msu commons mural music music education music therapy newell scholar newellwatts house nucleus nursing off campus office of sustainability old courthouse old governor's mansion optical lab orientation outreach parking and transportation parks parks hall pergola philosophy photography piano porter hall president's scholarship competition reflecting pool rosemary depaolo russell auditorium russell library sam long samantha clapp sanford hall sassy sassy cats savannah cash scholarship luncheon science science camp serve sga sign soccer camp softball special education staff staff council station statue stem stick fly student student activities center student life student teaching students study abroad sustainability teaching telescope tennis terrell hall the children's hospital the depot the hub the learning center the max the nutcracker thunder trax on the trail tv studio university housing veteran's day west campus west campus garden
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